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I don't know if this counts as a quirk, but both of my children sneeze 2 times each when they walk outside into sunshine.
I am allergic to feathers and can't wear down vests, but I have always been secretly envious of people who can. They look warm and comfy and seem perfect for those crisp fall mornings.
I love the turtleneck and skirt. You can put jewelry and/or a jacket and make it work for any occasion. And it would work with either tights and boots or with heels. And as for a cardigan over the black dress, I really liked the leopard print on the page you referenced. I have a huge mass of curly hair and that is the one I would choose with knee length boots and dark tights, but I don't know how bold you want to be. I just noticed your son is 8- you might want to...
I would wear something like this http://www.zappos.com/calvin-klein-s...ft-dress-black with a cardigan over it. You can then pair it with boot, heels, or flats...whatever the weather calls for and some cool silver or colored jewelry. or... I like this entire outfit here http://www.calvinklein.com/product/i...ductId=4391815 and accessorize as above.
I live in the South and we loooove beer coozies here. In fact, my dog's first life jacket was a beer coozy with leg holes cut out and tied with an old shoe string. Weird looking but quite effective.
Wonderful news!!! I can't imagine how happy you must be!
Great thread!! My favorites from my dd- allerjesus (allergies) and "nadult" (because we always say ask an adult and she heard it as ask a nadult) My favorites from my ds- "fordhead" rather than forehead and "harmadarmas" for armadillos
I am sad that you are in a bad place right now and hope things will turn around for you very soon!
I will be sending good thoughts your way. Try not to stress too much- and remember that your imaginary friends at MDC are thinking of you and wishing the best for you!!
Love Love Love my Spanx!! I wear a lot of shift dresses and sundresses to work and I wear Spanx pretty much every day. I teach 8th grade and at that age they are brutally honest about everything, so I like to keep my junk sucked up where it is supposed to be. I know they wonder wth is wrong with me when they see me schlepping around town and I no longer have that wonderful toned body they see in school every day!!
New Posts  All Forums: