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When dd and I travel I tell him the date we are leaving, the date we will be back, and where we are going. He has my cell # to contact her with if needed (which so far has been never). Other than that it's none of his business what I do. He never leaves his sorry little hell hole of a house, so I don't have to worry about that, but IF dd were to travel with him, after I woke from my faint I would give her my cell to take so I could call her anytime I wanted.
Very funny!! Reminded me of what my ds did when he was about that age. We were visiting the White House and there were Secret Service guys everywhere. My son walked up to one and said, "My mom doesn't have a husband. Will you marry her so we can live here forever?" The guy never even cracked a smile so I took that as a big fat no and hustled ds away as fast as I could.
One of my more irrational fears is that someone will break in and find my crappy stuff and take nothing!! I guess I am more scared that my stuff isn't up to par than I am about having my stuff broken into. But then again, I live so far out in the country that the cost of gas to get here will far outweigh the amount of money people could get selling my stuff.
We have hosted and attended several pool parties over the years for all different ages. Let them swim. I have even been to parties where the mom opened the gifts while the kids hung on the side of the pool and oohed and ahhed then turned around and swam again the second the last gift was opened.
Okay, so she expected you to guess how much the other ladies were gonna drink after you left and leave enough for your share of their fun?!
My dd and I play several of them but would never pay real money for them.
Fires are very scary. Glad no one was hurt!!
O love reading these- they make me lol!! When my ds was about 4 we were visiting my grandmother and passed the funeral home. My son got very serious and quiet and said "There's heaven." I asked him what in the world he was talking about, and it turns out he thought the funeral home was heaven. He had been taught that when you die you go to heaven, and since every funeral he had ever been to was at that funeral home, he thought it was heaven. My absolute favorite...
Thanks everybody- keep those prayers coming!! Yesterday was a very trying day. We were actually getting the food ready for my dd's 13th birthday party when it happened. He is a paramedic, so we called the ambulance service and they met Mom and Dad down the road so the girls wouldn't know what was going on. They rushed him right on down and had the doctor waiting at the hospital. Meanwhile I was home pretending like nothing was wrong so the girls wouldn't know how...
I really need prayers for my dad. He had a heart attack yesterday and is in ICU. They put in a stint and he seems to be doing okay, but we could really use prayers and good wishes for him. His name is Jerry, so if you have a moment, please send good thoughts his way.
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