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I am sorry for your loss. I recently loss my kitty also and know how horrible it feels.
I teach and am on my feet all day, and I have never met an Aerosole shoe I didn't like. They have everything from flip flops to dress shoes. http://www.aerosoles.com/default.asp
So let him have a happy Father's Day- get up that morning and leave him with the boys all day. Go out and have a belated Mother's Day celebration. I know this is totally passive aggressive, but it sure would be nice if you could...
Note to self- stay away from Sri Lanka. Every year we go scalloping in the Gulf of Mexico. I have very curly hair that I keep pulled back in a pony tail, but a few pieces always float out in front of me and catch the grass floating around. Last year I had a piece of grass in it, and reached up to pull it out, only to discover that it wasn't grass, it was a freaking crab, and it latched onto my finger and held on for dear life. It looked like this...
I know we are not supposed to judge others, but wth?! How are his children ever going to play at anyone's house? Are they only going to be allowed to visit single mother homes? But I agree with eclipse95- just let them know that your dh will be there and will probably be involved. At that point it will be their decision and they can decide accordingly.
My 13 y.o. will be at 4-H camp for a week in June, and the we have nothing planned. We are going to the Keys for a couple of weeks, and after that just hanging at home. We live on a farm with a pool, a pond and horses though, so we have a lot to keep us busy around the house.
I am so sad. One of my barn kitties died today. We rescued him from a convenience store parking lot about 6 years ago. I went out to feed him and found him in the flower bed all curled up. I have no idea what happened to him; he just had a little blood on his nose and that's it. The girls and I buried him and cried and cried. I reminded them that he had a wonderful life and died a very happy kitty. His partner in crime sat and watched us, then dug on the grave a little...
Never ever ever. Someone surrendered one to our vet when I was a young child (35 years ago or so), and that thing bit chunks the size of quarters out of people on a regular basis. And he had been hand raised with a very loving family that moved away. (probably to get way from the monkey.)
My dd made me a ham sandwich with all the fixings for lunch and is going to clean up after me all day. I am going to walk around leaving a trail of mess for her until she gets tired of that game. Also, when my son gets here we are all 3 going to pile onto the couch and watch a ch3esy sci-fi movie together as is our family tradition.
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