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According to free translation.com it means I conquer the persons.
This too shall pass. When my ds was that age he started crying hysterically and clinging to my leg- "No mommy, don't leave me. I hate it here." That lasted about a month, and then he started hanging onto the teacher when I came to pick him up- "No mommy, let me stay. I don't want to go home."
Thanks for commiserating! I do want to clarify- this is a party that several moms and I spoke about at field day at dd's school, not one that I necessarily planned. The mom's and I were talking about where and when we could have an end of the year party and I graciously offered the use of my pool. They all thought it was an excellent idea so I sent invitations to all the kids in the room so no one would be left out. Despite the fact that I sent the second invitations...
Rude or not, I sent the reminders today, so we shall see if anyone responds this time. Or offers to bring food. Or offers to help in any other way. This has turned from a friendly let's get our kids together before school is out to a major pain in the butt that I somehow became 100% responsible for. Note to self- don't offer your pool anymore!!
My dd is having a party this weekend for all her classmates. (At least I hope she is...) I spoke to several parents to set a date that everyone had clear, and sent out invitations asking for an RSVP. I have not heard from a single parent; the invitations were sent out last week and the party is this Saturday. I have written a reminder that basically says- don't forget the Aloha 2nd grade party this weekend. Please RSVP by Thursday night at 9 p.m. so I can have an...
When my son was about 4 we were in the car and rode by our local funeral home. He looked over and said "There's heaven." I was totally confused until he explained- he knew when you died you went to heaven, and that all the dead people he had ever seen were at the funeral home. He put 2 and 2 together and decided that the funeral home must be heaven. He is 21 now, and that is one of my favorite stories about him.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama2toomany I will give him a whole roll of quarters mama! ETA: My husband just said "oh well he might work on cruise ships like Jon (his brother). He got his degree in music too.. trumpet and got to tour the world playing music on cruise ships. He had a LOT of fun.. just wanted to share. I have been encouraging him to consider a cruise ship as an option. I think it would be awesome, and he is one of those...
I agree with the pp's. You should try to reconnect with her. It sounds as if you may be the only friend she has that supports her. As a survivor of dv myself, I know how hard it is to escape when you have been beaten down physically/emotionally, and she needs someone to continue to help her in whatever way they can.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magelet personally, I think I would call, or email, and out myself to him, and tell him I love him, and am happy to welcome whomever he chooses as a life partner/temporary life partner into my family, whether they are man, woman, transgendered, or flying pony. He might be in shock, even so, I'm sure that a message of love never hurts.
I had a cupcake decorating party that was cheap and fun. I covered my table with a disposable tablecloth, put icing in bowls on the table, gave them each plastic knives, and put as many different sprinkles as I could find in muffin tins, and let them have at it. I baked enough cupcakes for everyone to have some to eat and one to take home, so they had activity and take home treats in one. Huge hit with parents and kids!
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