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This is bittersweet but happy- I just got home from my son's last recital at college. He will graduating- with a degree in classical guitar. Not at all practical but he loves playing that guitar so I am happy for him. If you see a handsome young redhead playing guitar on the street for money, give him a quarter please.
My dd will say, "yes, you do have eat the m&m's by color because the colors do taste different." I know she will because my son, who is 21, does. His friends think I am a freak. And on a more serious note, dd will continue to tell people to wear their babies because you can never hold a baby too much, and babies that are held all the time are not spoiled, just loved. (We saw a lady with a crying baby at the store and my dd sweetly told the lady that it sounded like the...
Glad it worked out well!
Just playing devil's advocate here, but I do see where the bio-mom is coming from. The visitation is supposed to be with your husband, and the boys should only be there when the husband is there. Legally you do not have any rights to the boys. (Don't get mad here- keep reading) I had a problem with dd's sm being unkind to her when dad wasn't there so I said no more. (I know this isn't your case though. Just wanted to let you know of my experience as a bio-mom.) If dad...
You are awesome!!
I got this from my best friends http://www.overthehillgifts.com/forfabtshir.html and loved it. This is the link to the page for all the 40th birthday gifts: http://www.overthehillgifts.com/40birid.html
I would have yelled at them to get down, found out exactly who they were and called each of their parents to let them know. That's dangerous.
My children (8 & 12) have had one for years and play on it every day that the weather allows for it. And we are in the South so that means pretty much every day. I hear lots of horror stories about how children get hurt and maimed for life (and I'm sure you will hear that too) but -hope I don't jinx myself- my girls have never gotten hurt on it. I have tons of pictures of cheerleading routines, fashion shows and dance recitals that all took place on the trampoline....
Sending your way. That's a bad situation to be in and I hope things get better quickly!
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