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I am about to plant some yellow petunias so my hummingbirds will have something to eat. After that I am going to let my 12 y.o. dd and her bff groom the horses, and then we may cruise around the pond in our kayaks, and maybe do a little fishing. Lazy day planned!
Spring has sprung here in the South and I am going to float around in the pool and read my new Lee Child novel. Love the Jack Reacher character! We are picnicking for lunch, and then I may plant a few flowers late this afternoon if I am not too tired from reading. This is my last day of spring break and I am not doing anything stressful...
I agree that it next to impossible to get rid of the when your neighbors are infested. I had a student that kept bringing them into my classroom via her bookbag, and nothing we did got rid of them. When I came back to my room after summer break they were still there!!
I'm glad it turned out to be a funny story instead of a scary one, and I am glad that I live far out in the country. The only weird visitors we get here are the peacocks that occasionally try to get into the house.
I love a LBD and have 4. 2 for winter and 2 for summer.
She is so freaking cute!! It makes me want a puppy again just so I can smoosh her up to me and smell puppy breath. But with a bloodhound, basset, cocker and a rat terrier, it will be a while before I get another puppy.
DD has my exh's last name. Now that she is 8 she is wanting to change her name to match mine. I wish I at least hyphenated it. If I had it to do all over again, I would make sure my dd has my last name. I know I will always be around; exh, not so much.
Sounds like you have the horrible virus that has been making the rounds here as well. We had such a huge outbreak of it in our area that health officials went on our local news asking people to stay out of nursing homes and schools to try and keep it from spreading. When I went to get dd at school there were about 25 kids waiting outside the nurse's office with trash bags in hand because the nurse had run out of puke buckets. If it is the same one we had, it will...
New Posts  All Forums: