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First let me say my daycare is wonderful. My dd (26 months) is learning colors, numbers, can recognize the letters in her name, etc.; all the stuff we work on at home. They are very nurturing, and hold the children when they need to be held, even in the older rooms. The only problem we are having is this ... they use videos to keep the children occupied during transition times. i.e. waiting your turn for face washing, potty time, etc. (That is the only time they watch...
Does your school have a Resource Officer (or school police officer)? If so, I would have him/her speak with the bully and explain the legal repercussions of putting your hands on another person. I can't help but think if it was your daughter the boy hit, things would be harsher for him. I wouldn't stop until I was satisfied that it won't happen again, and that B was punished appropriately.
I second the shower idea. My daughter refuses to sit in the tub, but will play in the shower (with or without me) until the hot water is gone.
I agree with the pp's. Give her options and maybe that will help. If not, let her go out in whatever. If people look at you funny, so be it. If people don't approve of something my little one has on or does, I just shrug and say "She's got a mind of her own. Whatcha gonna do?!"
Dragonfly had some great points, so ditto her. Something else we do at our homes is to say "See you (insert day or time here)." That way they know you will be back at x, even if they really don't have a concept of time yet. I know this works, because when my little one plays, she will sometimes tell her baby "See you Sunday" as she heads out the door. It's just one more level of comfort to offer them. I hope things work out for you. You sound strong, so I'm sure they will.
Hello. I am a new member here, and wanted to introduce myself. I am an older mom (38 this year) to a toddler daughter (26 months) and a 16 y.o. son. My exh gets our daughter religiously according to our court order, but has no interest in her other than that. He picks her up on the hour and drops her off on the hour. Sometimes I think he must wait down the road so he can drop her off at precisely 6 p.m. Other than that, it's as if she doesn't exist. If I ask him to take...
New Posts  All Forums: