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You are not alone! My first response to shower invitations is "I hope we don't have to play those stupid games." I love talking about babies and seeing all the cute little stuff, but embarrassing myself playing games, not so much.
Monopoly Jr., Sorry, and Scrabble Jr. were favorites when my girls were that age. I love Scrabble Jr. because on one side of the board you fill in the words with your letters turn by turn. Perfect for boosting reading and letter recognition.
I agree with ecoteat (Love the username btw). I wouldn't have a problem with paying, but would include something about paying on the invitation so people would know to bring money. Come join us for dd's party at ____. Kids are covered, but all others will need to pay $6 each to join the tour.
After my son had his third set of tubes put in I started taking him to a chiropractor. Worked wonders and he never had a bad ear infection again.
How sweet! I love it when children are kind to one another. Let's you know you are doing a good job!
I just noticed it! Thanks- I've never had one before.
My daughter wore this http://www.flowergirldressforless.co...Category_Code= and looked adorable. It also comes in ivory and has color options for the sash. Simple and elegant and totally age appropriate.
I am another annoying freak. We call it all coke. Like the pp's- "Do you want a coke?" "Yes, please." "Ok, what kind?"
Today we are waiting on the snow here (the South) to come! Next week we are on winter break as well and are going to the beach. My children said they don't care if it sleeting, snowing or hurricaning (their word); we are bundling up and sitting on the beach and chasing crabs and making sand castles.
For our every day bonding, we eat dinner as a family every single night with no exceptions. No electronics allowed; just conversation at the dinner table. These take a little more effort and planning: 1. We always take a family trip to the beach for New Year's Eve/Day. 2. We do girl bonding. My mother and I take my dd's on a vacation every summer with just the girls. 3. On a regular basis, we all pile on the couch and eat popcorn and m&m's while watching Survivor on...
New Posts  All Forums: