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It's terrible that we have to make these decisions based on stupid money, but thats the way of the world I guess.     I was so disappointed about having to transfer last time, I'm really really hopeful that won't happen again.   Nice to meet you!
Hi all,   I finally just found this place!  I kept looking and looking in the Forums and couldn't figure out why they hadn't created any new DDCs! I'm growing baby #2, due at the very tail end of May.  If he/she is anything like the last baby, I should probably be in the June DDC.  DS is 18 months, born at the hospital after his posterior position proved too much for whatever nerve he was pushing on.  We're hoping for a home waterbirth this time for realz!...
I am struggling with EC, so have no experience to draw on.  But it definitely sounds to me like you're on the right track!  He's still so little, I'm sure he'll figure out how to tell you he's got to go soon.  Or... just go diaper free all the time and you'll figure it out right quick, I bet! 
I would be so excited to get a Beco carrier!  I've had one on my wishlist for a while.   To get dads to wear you need more guy-friendly colors.  My DH doesn't like most prints, so solids would be great.  Or maybe some argyle?  Also, more pictures of men wearing babies, doing guy things.  Like playing rockband, at a baseball game, or hiking, but the men need to look "real" not like models!
Thank you!!   Thanks, this is exactly what I was hoping to hear :)    
Can you check on when the stormy period starts for the 37 week leap?  There is a calendar in the book somewhere...  I tried to order the new WW, but my order got cancelled.  Argh, Barnes and Noble!
Thank you for the responses.  Today was much better, but bedtime was a disaster. And I totally agree. The crying, ok, the whining? Argh!
My DS is almost 7 months.  He has been a really happy baby (if you ignore our struggles over naps and bedtime, which are now mostly resolved) up until this past weekend.  All of a sudden he is only happy for about 20 minutes (I timed it!) after waking and about 5-10 minutes after nursing.  He did just get his 2 top teeth, but he didn't have any problems with the bottom 2.  I tried Ibuprofen and it didn't make a difference.  He hasn't pooped in 5 days, but I normally...
Quote: Originally Posted by mommaklo I found this in a blog today. Is this a bit much? Are 6 month babies supposed to be able to do all this? Ds is almost 8 mos and he "talks" and it sounds like certain things, but I dont know for sure what hes saying. He can sit up, but cant get into the postion himself. He wasnt crawling at 6 mos, just kinda scootching. He doesnt wave and doesnt know body parts. Hes still just a baby to me! Hes learning every day, and I...
Hi mamas, For about 2 months now I've noticed what looked like less supply on my right side. But I can always express a stream of milk. It seems like my LO (6 mo) has trouble nursing on that side, or the let-down is slow.. Sometimes he'll get 4 or 5 good gulps in (i can hear him swallowing) and then nothing. He'll complain and keep trying, but pop on and off. I'm also able to pump much less on that side. I've just been dealing with it, but my left side has been...
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