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What do I think...Awesome.  Just did that with my kid and a friends kid a couple weeks ago.  They are 9 and 10.  They loved it and after reading Lenore's book and starting a book club with it, I have seen emotional growth out of my son.  Growth I didn't know he was capable of.  
I applaud your tenacity for talking it out with your older child, but at 26 months (I have one the same age and a 6 week old) you sound like the teacher from Peanuts comics.  Too many words.  When dd2 does stuff such as this to my youngest, ds2, she is told, "no".  Period. Plain.  & Simple.  Then she is moved, physically picked up by me and moved.  I also make sure that when I leave the room and baby is there, in a swing, on the floor, etc.  I take her with me and give...
Just sent my request too!  
Brick dust is no good.  I generally tell moms that I deal with (have dealt with this in the past a couple times) to make sure her hydration is supreme.  With the heatwave that is hitting the US (if you are here) I would make sure to drink your weight in oz plus half.  So if you weighed 140 I would recommend that you drink 210 oz at minimum each day.  Which equates to a bit over a gallon and a half.  And this is just of water alone.   For the nursing....I would have...
Congratulations!  What a wonderful story!
Sleep?  What is this sleep thing of which you write?   Seriously, two nights ago was the first chunk of sleep I have experienced since Julius was born and it was a whole 3 hours!     I haven't read the other replies, but in my experience as a LLL leader, generally a irritable baby has a source or trigger.  Often it has proven to be either dairy, soy or gluten in mom's diet that comes through the milk.   Within a couple days to 2/3 weeks following the elimination of...
Congratulations!  Don't you just love having a birth photographer there!  I had one for this baby, my last, and I love the pictures!!!!
Precious!  Happy Babymoon!
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