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My son has trouble sleeping too. His day care provider should be offering what is best for your child. At my sons school the kids have to be quiet during rest, but they can read if they like. I have found some cds that have guided sleep meditations for kids, these have helped us many nights, especially when he is really fighting sleep.
Is there somewhere you could volunteer some time to help some other kids who are homeless or addicts? Maybe she was brought into your life for a reason. Or something else positive that could come out of her death and your experience?
My WIC office gives lip service to breastfeeding, but seem amazed that I am nursing my 2 yr old. even though we live in a fairly progressive area. What really annoys me most is how much juice they push. At one point we were allowed six cans or frozen juices a month.
Seriously LOL, and glad I'm not the only one. I am constantly saying "Really he just lays down and goes to sleep?", and "Does he really eat that banana every day?". I have never seen him eat banana, or go to sleep without nursing. It's a good thing he eats at school or else he might fade away.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlpumkin Just learned of my acceptance yesterday So now I can officially say that I will be in grad school in the fall. Anyone else receive any news??? congrats!!!! I'm still waiting:\
I used my name for my son's last name, and his fathers last name as a middle name. Hyphenating would have created a mouthful and I knew we would not be getting married, so this solution seemed to appease everyone.
Waiting to hear from BU for a Master of Social Work program. They have apparently lost my test scores. It's the only place I applied because of its off campus program near me.
Trying to write this is confusing me. Married, separated, pregnant(not with husband), divorced, gave birth, tried with the dad but it wasn't good, now it's me and baby. Daddy is around but not very responsible but his mother is the most wonderful surprise and I usually feel like she and I are raising ds together. I had thought about adopting and knew I wanted to be a mom and in retrospect have often thought that on some level my hormones took over my sanity and caused...
silly love sons by wings is our favorite
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