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Oh my goodness, I am dealing with this with my 3.5yo DS and it's soooo frustrating!!  We have food/eating issues as well and after reading all of these responses, now I'm wondering if his food issues might indirectly be affected by his inability or desire not to poop.  We have not done any laxatives because he never seems bothered by not going, but it's GOT to be painful and uncomfortable.  I'm thinking he might have that desensitization of the digestive tract thing...
I used Detrah for my second son's birth just last year and she was awesome!  I would not hesitate to hire her again if we have any more children.   
I'm a Fresno mama. Welcome!! Are you on Facebook? We have an awesome AP group that is quite active online and for meet ups. If you want, pm me your name and email addy and I'll try to get you connected. I don't know about peds that take medi-cal. Ill post a question to the group though.
Bumping. Good info here.
--ditto the the whole bolded sentence!!!!!     Thanks for the discount code.  It looks like the Pumpease website only uses Canadian currency and when I figured out the conversion, Amazon was still a slight bit cheaper.  I'm going to order the Rhubarb colored one so the proceeds go to that Best for Babes fund.  If I like it, I may go ahead and get one of the fun prints too.  
Soo..I'm back.  I gained about 2-4 lbs over the holidays depending on what time of day I get on the scale.  I'm very ready to get back on track and get this weight off.  I'm still 20ish lbs above pre-preg weight and about 35 from my goal.  That seems so daunting, but I know I just need to take it one meal at a time.  My body loooves to hang onto weight and it is a painstaking process for me to lose anything at all.  Aside from the holiday hiatus, I'm actually pleased...
I haven't been on here in quite a while, so I just saw this.  THANKS!!!  It actually wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  I honestly think I had a harder time going back to work after DS1 because I got to spend 17 months at home with him.  This time, I am a little better prepared emotionally.  It still sucks, but just not AS bad.    Pumping is going ok.  Better than I expected with my supply issues.  So far, DH has only had to pull 2oz out of the freezer supply. I...
Alexander isn't quite a peanut, but he's not huge either. Birth: 9lbs 2ozs--only lost 2oz and gained it back and more within days 20.5 inches long 4 months: 15lbs 25.75 inches Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
My boys won't  take paci's at all.  Alexander has found his thumb and will suck on it from time to time.  I agree, they'll stop eventually.  I'm not really worried about it.
It might give him a little jolt, but he'll figure it out quickly and he won't be damaged.
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