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Oh no------I've done that. As sad as it is---I wouldn't risk it. I've had severe food poisoning and ended up in the hospital.
Hi, I am 28 weeks pregnant and have just started taking liquid chlorophyll. I took it on and off before I was pregnant and then a bit in my early second trimester. My midwife raves about it's benefits for pregnant women. It helps maintain your iron levels and boosts your energy. She has me taking a teaspoon a day in a pure 100% juice-as vitamin C aids in absorption of iron.
Heat a bit of butter or oil in a frying pan. Heat a can of chick peas (rinsed and drained) Add 3 tblspns sun dried tomatoes in oil and a bunch of fresh parsley. Cook for 3 min. Add 3 cups cooked brown rice Add some, chopped fresh basil and some dried oregano. Add to chickpea mix. Add cple tblspns water. Toss and heat thru. Sprinkle with parmeasan if you want. Super yummy! this is one you put over brown rice--from the 'Vegetarian Times' cookbook: Sweet &...
Oh too funny!!! Hmmmm maybe we should try it?
My daughter was the same way. She is still very picky at age 3. Funny--if I buy her a jar of the Earth's Best green beans and brown rice---she'll enhale it. So bizarre. Anyways---I often puree tiny amounts and hide them in sauces---like pasta sauces or miso gravy. A friend of mine makes her sons a milkshake every morning. They are milk, fruit and sweet potatoes, kale or spinach--whatever she can find. As long as they taste fruity the kids have no idea and will...
We are going thru this same thing right now. My daughter has no accidents at home---but doesn't want to use the public washrooms---even if we bring her seat cover. So we've been dragging her portable potty with us to playgroups and friends house etc. I'm hoping to get her use to the toilet cover soon. She is still in pullups for bedtime.
Hi, My daughter modelled for their catalogue and website so I'm biased! We really like them though. They were perfect for throwing in the wash, and wearing to the beach or anywhere.
I feel gross lately too. I need to do a gentle detox. I think I'm too weak too go full juice only. Maybe I'll start with brown rice, veggies, fruit and soup. That should help some right?
I buy the orange flavor of this one. No yucky fish burps yet. They actually guarantee that you won't have that problem. http://www.nordicnaturals.com/
Hello! I took flaxseed oil my whole pregnancy and my now 2.5 year old daughter turned out perfectly!!!
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