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We now have two, which was always the plan. There are lots of reasons to stop now: my age (39), DH's age (45), finances, my career, time, emotional energy, logistics. DH feels sure he is done. I haven't told him, but I'm really wanting one more. I'm just going to sit with it and see how I feel in the spring.
I had a plugged duct earlier today and now am worried I may be developing mastitis. Ugh. I'm nursing and pumping and warm-compressing like crazy for now. I expect it will declare itself one way or the other soon. In other nursing news... I'm really dreading returning to work next Friday, especially since the baby is still nursing every two to three hours. Neither of us are ready. And because DS had several food intolerances that came through breadtmilk and caused...
We are all about suspicious looks here.
We got a social security number partly just to have it done, so we don't have to do it later in a time-crunched way. But mostly because you need one to set up an education savings account and we're hoping to get that going sooner than later.
Look at that hair! So cute.
Regarding colic and dairy... My son was very colicky and slow to gain weight as a little baby. His doctors were pushing formula but to me it seemed clear the problem was in him and not a difficulty with supply. I went to a La Leche League meeting and they said, this is milk protein intolerance. I quit dairy as an experiment and one week later my son stopped crying and then gained a pound per week for three weeks. The pediatrician had never heard of milk protein...
Stomach sleeping.
My DH and I were always planning on having exactly two children for a bunch of practical reasons... But now that I have two I think I really want one more. I haven't mentioned it to him because it's not a decision to be made immediately postpartum and he is stressed enough as it is. Also for reasons of money, my health, our ages (I'm 39), my career, and practical logistics (we can't drive, and getting around with two is already a bit much) it doesn't really make sense--but...
Here is Bliss just past two weeks:
Me too! So far we've nursed on a train, a tram, a tram platform, in a bus, at my son's school, at 2 different doctors' offices, in a park, and in 4 different restaurants/coffeeshops. I usually don't bother with the receiving blanket over top, though I do wear nursing tanks and tops that minimize exposure.
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