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Allison is 8 months old and doing great. She's still nursing and testing out a few solids, nothing much.
  Allison is attempting the back arch thing but hasn't succeeded yet.  I prefer the rocking!
I haven't been by in awhile. All of the babies are so plump and cute. Allison is just about 3 months old and doing great. She has the same vibrating rocking chair that Sere234's boy has. She loves it and can even rock it herself when she is on a hard floor.
Allison hates the carseat too.  She can tolerate about 30 min and then the rest of the trip is just screaming.  We live in a rural area and have to drive 40 min to get anywhere, so it's not easy.  I think Allison just wants to snuggle and the carseat doesn't do it for her.    My 2nd child (other daughter) was the same, perhaps even worse.  
She's so pretty and you look so happy.  
typing 1 handed as usual. all of these babies are gorgeous!
it took 4-5 days for my milk to come in and had the same weight situation at 10 day check, but only about 3 oz under birth weight, so didn't need to supplement. I've just been drinking tons of water and encouraging lots of nursing. She does this nonstop cluster feeding now, then sleeps hard for a few hours. I'd say she's gaining weight now. our family doc did put me on low dose bp meds since the pregnancy high bp was hanging on.
Here's clingy sweet Allison in arms as usual. Love snuggling her. Baby daddy is envious of the breastfeeding mom bond and wants me to start some pumping soon. hmmm tried to add a pic from flickr but it doesn't show for me on the iPad. http://www.flickr.com/photos/knitsteel/8253642898/
I'm feeling a lot better now and trying to get back into the swing of things, with baby in tow. I'm taking baby and my 10 yr old out today for a girls day out. We'll see how it goes with multiple diaper changes and nursings.
With my first child, I had back pain. With my 2nd child, the pain was more in my hips. With this third child, the labor pain was terribly intense in both my hips and back. I didn't know how the doula would address that. She ended up using a moby wrap (calling it a rebozo), wrapping it around my hips and working with baby-daddy to squeeze all the way around. It helped my hips and backs. I had to cue them as to how hard to pull, and it seemed pretty hard. My fiance...
New Posts  All Forums: