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On Allison's 4th day, I had a hormonal sobbing fit, sure that my milk wasn't coming in. Baby daddy got me through that and sure enough, the milk was coming in after all, just more gradually than with my first two. Now, on day 6 I'm engorged, making plenty, but happily not flooding baby Allison. She's done plenty of pooping, but no spitting up yet. My nipples are still very sore, ugh. Anyone else feeling the lower back or pelvic region effects of a rough labor? Once...
It ended up being a 2 day pitocin induction due to the high blood pressure. Nothing really got going with the pitocin induction until the 2nd day around 9am when the OB broke my water. After that it was 12 very intense hours. I'm very thankful for my doula and my fiance for all they did to get me through it. I needed a lot of attention and very physical counterpressure on my hips and back. I thought that as a third pregnancy, this would be easiest, but in reality it...
She's screaming right now, so this will be short. Allison was born on November 26th, healthy, 7 lbs, 5 oz. We came home last night and are hoping my milk comes in fast. I'll update with birth story later.
I had an OB appt today and about the same results as you. I let him sweep/stretch the membranes in hopes of speeding things up. I'm tired of bedrest!
I'm home again waiting it out on continued bedrest. The lab tests at the hospital showed no toxemia and my bp stays reasonable if I stay in bed or reclined. He says my bp will just go up during office visits and there isn't anything to be done about that . So I'm home and hoping for a speedy cervical ripening and move into labor. la la la
Congratulations! and best wishes for a speedy recovery for you and baby.
She's lovely. Congratulations.
My bp jumped up to 160s over 100s at the OB visit, so now I'm at the hospital on observation. Of course my bp is staying at 130s and 140s here in the hospital and still no signs of toxemia. It's actually quite comfortable and I don't have any stress to get anything done, like the stress I put on myself at home. I just hope labor starts naturally and soon.
ugh yes! I'm having severe hip pain today, hoping it's labor starting, but realizing that it's probably just baby having a trampoline party.
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