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Prayers for Neala and your family. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.
Oh, now I'm on bedrest.  My bp is up, but luckily no signs of toxemia in blood tests.  I don't think this family realized how often I get up for snacks.  They are stuck waiting on me now, for about the next 4 weeks.   The doc is very hands off and says the goal is to just go as long as I can go, so keep the bp lower by staying on bedrest and no stress.
Ugh, my hip really hurts, maybe bursitis, and my blood pressure is inching up, now that I'm in my 36th week.  Doc appt today and then he goes on a 7 to 10 day vacation.     I can deal with pain, but the bp issue is giving me some anxiety. 
I dream of something like that happening and wonder if I'd really have to call paramedics and be taken to the hospital, even if it was a healthy birth.  I'd love to have a homebirth, but due to distance from emergency services, it's just not feasible.
I need to ask my guy to help me shave too.  I can't get past my knees when I try.    For a labor outfit, I'll go with the hospital gown. That never bothered me.  For after, some maternity leggings and a tank or tshirt top will be fine.  I just lift up the shirt to nurse.  
My body, my hips and back, are tired, but the rest of me can't sleep.  I toss and turn a lot, and yes, the pee trips drive me nuts.  I think I also get restless leg syndrome.  I lay there and feel like electrical energy is pulsing through my legs, like my legs want to dance even though my hips and back are too worn out for that.  
I have some cheapie maternity tanks from Target that are very long.  I wear them under my super cheapie maternity shirts that are too short.  I have a belly band, but it bugs me for some reason, makes me more itchy.
I'm not due till the end of November.  People have just this week started asking when I'm due and the baby's gender.  They're not making any size or popping comments yet.  
It works on a regular computer. You can get it for some game systems, but then the kids can't add mods and can't interact with their friends who might be playing on the regular computer. For my son, when he's on a Minecraft kick, he and his long-distance-old-friend like to come up with mod packs, something they can only do online on the computer version. With the computer version, the kids can play online, or just on their own computer, not connected to internet.
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