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My doctor said my little one is head down.  That's enough for me.
My daughter had 3 cavities at that age.  We found a dentist in the Chicago suburbs that would give her an antihistamine sedative and then do the work, in 2 sessions, as I recall.  This dentist also had a very firm no-nonsense manner that my daughter actually respected.  With other dentists, she would do her screaming tantrum routine and they'd all try to coddle her, which didn't work.   I don't think nitrous was an option with anybody.   If she had 9 cavities, I'm...
I'm comparing Mirena and Paraguard for contraception after I have this child in November.  My OB feels that the hormones in Mirena are low enough, and localized enough to the uterus, that they will not raise my risk of stroke or blood clotting.  When I read Mirena's site and look at scientifically documented side effects, I see no mention of stroke risk, although women with a history of stroke or clotting are perhaps discouraged from using it.     Are there any...
You're welcome.     Now my son is on a world of warcraft kick, but playing with the same kid he likes to minecraft with.  They seem to go through their game phases together.  His gaming friend is a long distance friend, from the town where we used to live, so the gaming is the main way that they continue to play together, the only way that they really can play together.   I used to do more gaming with him,  (pirates of the caribbean and world of warcraft) but now...
I actually did the night weaning when he was right around a year old.
When I was night weaning my son (12 years ago) I didn't nurse him during night wakings, but I did comfort him until he went back to sleep, usually holding him. He was still sleeping with us either in bed or in a crib next to the bed. It seems like it took about a week for him to adjust. Yes he cried, but he was always in arms while crying. He's still a wonderful sweet secure intelligent boy at 12 1/2 years old.
Do your older children still live with you?  If yes, can he sleep in a room with them, but in his own toddler bed?   Otherwise, I'd say to rock him and then put him back in his crib or bed once he falls asleep.  You could set up a sleeping bag for yourself in his room and stay in there while he goes back to sleep, in his crib.  He's old enough that you can explain that he needs to stay in his own crib but that you will be close by. Then you can go back to your own...
You don't really have to say why you don't want the abrasive one as primary unless someone asks.  If she was unhappy with some of your choices, she may be relieved to be a backup choice rather than primary.  I would talk to your choice for primary first and see how she feels about the arrangement.
One more thing- with avoiding sugar- I've found that it's all or nothing. If I have a low carb but sugary treat, I will crave sugar all day. If I avoid it altogether, I don't have the overwhelming sugar urges. A lot of candy bars are only 30g carb, making for a reasonable snack, but they make me want crap food for days. It's like alcohol addiction, except sugar!
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