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I did look on the Moby wrap site and see that I can order and extra long wrap if necessary. Maybe we'll practice with a doll and see if we need it.
I'm looking for a comfy baby carrier for my fantastic wonderful size 4X baby daddy. Our baby isn't due until the end of November, so it's not a rush. I'm sure he'd do better with a front carrier that allows the weight to be distributed across both shoulders. I've got a Moby wrap, but not sure it works for that size and not sure he'd get used to the tying. any ideas?
I just don't think GD warrants a high risk pregnancy label or induction.
Thanks so much everyone!  I think we'll look at Khan Academy first (because it's free) and see if it's something he gets enthusiastic about.  I 
oooh, I just reached the co-sleeper goal due to a very nice generous local mama who was done with hers!
Those are really cute.
to have a car seat installed, a co-sleeper, and cloth diapers ready for the baby. to have some bread and sweet breakfast breads frozen ahead of time and that's about it. The man and the kids can do the rest.
This time around I'm kind of relying on my man to pack the hospital bag. I know he'll get all anxious and want to do it. I don't care about music and probably won't play any. I'll wear the hospital gown but take one of my own full length robes and maybe slippers. I can't believe the price of maternity and nursing pajamas.
You could try telling her that she has to stay in her room and play quietly until Mr. Sun is up and peeking in. I do agree with putting her to bed later. Ten hours of sleep seems like plenty.
Thanks so much for the tips! I like the idea of point form notes and think that might be do-able, especially if I'm not pushing her, the 5th grader,  to develop the notes into sentences right away. I'd be happy if she could just take the notes and not push the actual reports so much.   My son, the 7th grader, showed me that sort of story webbing or mind mapping when I asked him if he'd done outlines.  I didn't really understand what he was doing, so thanks for...
New Posts  All Forums: