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moominmama wrote " For us it begins with things like retelling family stories, recounting our days from different perspectives around the dinner table, explaining what's interesting about a book we're reading, giving an overview of a magazine article that might interest someone, etc. etc.."   We do all of those things too.   The curriculum asks that they write "reports" about specific items from their readings and that they do some research to supplement.  When...
(edited out as I put the same question in the longer answer below)
How and at what age do you teach children to summarize and paraphrase for research? I'd appreciate any articles or personal insight.
My 12 yr old son is obsessed with gaming, like many boys.  I'd like to see his obsessions continue to mesh with learning.  I know he's learned a lot about bartering, teamwork, using his computer, online safety and using game add-ons.  His gaming is truly social and he prefers games where he can interact with a few good in-person friends, but online.   I'd like to see him get more involved in actual game creation, possibly even things he can take on with his...
My guy is trying to quit smoking too.  It makes him irritable, so I feel for you.  His irritability seems to focus more on household tidiness and people's behavior.  Luckily, he doesn't know a whole lot about food and environmental issues like your guy.  Sometimes I think all we can do is lie low until they either get through that phase of quitting or until they take up the smoking again.
Thanks for the heads up.  I'm going to call my insurance company tomorrow and check into that.
I like having a home because we have pets and we can make any changes we like.     However, A house is a money-suck.  Something always needs repaired or replaced.  It's hard to sell these days and you NEVER ever get the money you put into the house.  I put in new windows, new roof and new carpet, but that doesn't mean I can tack on the cost of those improvements to the selling cost of the house.  I might be able to ask a little more than somebody with less new...
Thanks both of you. I may do the tapatalk re-install. It works great, when it works. Right now safari on the iPad is working well too.
I've been using the tapatalk app on my iPad to follow the forums. Just a few days ago, it stopped working with the Mothering forums. any reason why? I know the Mothering forums aren't specifically set up to integrate with Tapatalk, but it was working so well for awhile. I miss it.
I'm not anti vaccine but I completely want to maintain the right to educate myself, question, delay, and/or refuse vaccines.
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