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until we officially started homeschooling today. :(   They're in 5th and 7th grades.  We're using the Oak Meadow curriculums for each grade.   They are bright, intelligent, good-natured, compassionate kids.  I'm just shocked at how little they are used to doing and how low their expectations were.   They've always gone to small rural schools that focused on bringing all of the kids to the standards, but now I'm seeing that means bringing all kids to the minimum,...
I use credit cards but pay them off monthly. I have designated one credit card to fuel and auto expenses, one to food, and one to "fluff" which is basically all else. I pay them off monthly, but am hoping this helps myself and our household see where we might be spending too much money. I suspect we spend too much on food and that I spend too much on multiple small purchases, which add up. I could write everything down, but I never do. At least this way, I can look...
the myfitnesspal nutrition calculator says that per serving they have 338 calories, 34 carbs, 20g fat (oops) and 9 g protein. I don't know how accurate the calculator is and that's all the data it provides.
The scones just came out of the oven. I like them. My boyfriend prefers a more muffin-y texture and thinks this batch is too dense. Here are the ingredients and quantities, mixed up in the usual order for scones. Dry ingredients first, then cut in the butter, then add the fruit, then mix up the egg and buttermilk and mix them in last. Pat them into biscuit shaped rounds and sprinkle about 1/2 tsp of coarse sugar on top of each. Bake at 400 for about 20 min or until...
Thanks. I'm going to try some more again this morning. Even though I haven't gotten exactly what I've wanted yet, the family and I are having a good time taste testing them and probably getting far more butter than we need in our diets.
p.s. My kids are older now, but I took the same approach when they were little.
I do the same as katelove. If my kids are feverish but not uncomfortable, and still drinking fluids, then I let the fever run its course. If the kids are miserable and/or are not drinking enough fluids, then I give them Tylenol for the fever. I think it's most important for them to keep pumping in the fluids when they are going through a fever. The fevers are usually short and viral in nature. For the rare occasions that they seem related to bacterial infection, I do...
I still wouldn't want a baby or kid eating the powder, but I think it's safer than the spray, and more effective long term.
We used the Fleabusters powder for our house, plus a flea treatment for the dogs, one of the chewables rather than Advantage or Frontline. The Fleabusters powder is borax based I believe.
My doc says I can refuse the GTT. He's fine with that. He recommended that at the next appt, approx the 29 wk appt, that I do a fasting blood test, then have the regular checkup, then go have breakfast and come back for a 2 hour post prandial. He knows that I'm fairly sure I'll have GD and that I'm willing to do blood sugar monitoring and the diet. I just won't go through that 1 or 3 hour GTT.
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