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That was me. I'm leaving in protest to previous bannings and overbearing moderation practices. Funny how the creative people are being driven off, isn't it? MDC has been a wonderful resource for me, but I just can't take the crap anymore. I just came in to close my member account. Selena ( dubtex@mail.com )
The more I explain here, the faster this thread will go away, and I want my smilies back. But yes, I stand by that description. I'm sure they're prefectly nice to most folks, but the way they treat the "chosen few" is simply intolerable to me.
I made them back in April. As of today, I am withdrawing my permission for MDC to use them. It has to do with emotionally abusive moderation practices. I will be leaving MDC, but I want them to stop using the things I created before I go.
Check your PMs.
Quote: :homew: :hospw: :home: :home2: : 2: I am hereby taking my smilies back. You no longer have permission to use them at MDC. Please remove them from your collection. Thanks.
yep. straight in the tank :-) it definitely cleans well. I have found a few stains/smells that are resistant. It depends on what my kid has been eating. Go-gurt-colored poo-stains and asparagus-scented pee-smell do not respond to the homemade oxyclean variations. Adding a *tiny* touch of a naural orange-oil solvent (Citra-Solv) has so far been 100% successful on *everything*.
Quote: Originally Posted by TiredX2 Honestly? Mark what you think and make stuff up if you have to. That's about what I was thinking! I can certainly come up with stuff that is "like her", but trying to come up with an accurate reconstruction of an acutal event without going off on 15 million tangents.. ugh! Quote: Originally Posted by TiredX2 Also, is there anyone you can ask? Perhaps if you listed the...
Velcromom! I'm desperately seeking something to use on my kids' hair! Some of the gunk they get in their hair *needs* soap to get it back out But shampoo always leads to irritation for their skin and my respiratory tract. I'm always looking for new ideas
Argh! I suppose I should be grateful that they allow parent referrals at all, eh? The form we have to submit has a checklist of 17 "behaviors" like advanced vocabulary, analogy-use, imagination... and a 4 point ranking. If you indicate a 3 or a 4 on any of these items, you're supposed to provide examples. The thing is, I am so not an observant detail person... I *know* my kid is not "typical" because of the shock that I get when I deal with her age-peers. I know...
[Quote: eilonwy] Remember a few months ago when I was going to that book discussion group for SENG? Well, I was given an article which totally changed my thinking about mental illness and giftedness. I'm sure that you've come across it; the gist of the article was that the more highly gifted a given individual is, the more likely they are to appear to be mentally ill, particularly in childhood when they're often overwhelemed by all of the information which they take in...
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