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Sadly, not a thing. I need to prepare the garden space but time is so elusive.  I have it on my agenda for this weekend.  eta:  My rosemary from last season is quite vibrant. So there, I don't feel so bad!
I feel like a lot of my autoimmune issues are attributable to unnatural chemicals.  I've done my best to rid my home of them but I feel I have a long way to go. Thanks for this info...quite helpful
Hugs mama.  At this point, I wouldn't be too concerned. It's around this age that children become aware of racial and skin color differences.  They begin to recognize that they are different than others in lots of ways..  This is very common in racially diverse societies.  Continue to encourage a positive sense of self, which you're already doing.  It helps to have images of people who have a similar skin color so he can see that there are others who look like him. 
I couldn't agree more with the OP.  I am a black woman with many multiracial family members.  I hear those sorts of comments all the time and cringe at the message it sends children who are not obviously mixed.  Black people continue to struggle with images of beauty that has a long history of being defined by-- the closer you are to white, the prettier you are.  My biracial family members are made to feel 'special' because of their 'exotic' features while the black...
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Have you had your thyroid levels checked lately?  
Nice. I appreciate this opportunity to learn more about my fellow mods and MDC members!
i am so sorry. No one should have to endure this type of pain.
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