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Woohoo, great suggestions. I really want to do the space needle but it will challenge my elevator phobia
He loves baseball. Me, not so much! Pacific Science Center, eh? Sounds awesome!
My dh and I are traveling to Seattle the last week of June. Can anyone make suggestions of 'must do while visiting the city? Thanks in advance
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife This runs in DH's family actually. He and his brothers (and his dad) get a dandruff on crack kind of thing going on. His youngest brother is the worst as it gets all yellow and scaly. Good luck with your appointment! I hope that we helped a little bit with the anxiety! Yes, I feel so relieved. My anxiety was fueled, in part, because my dad just lost vision in his left eye due to staph. This was so close to...
I went to a site where you can submit a picture and get an opinion from a dermatologist. He thinks it's seborrheic dermatitis. Additionally, he made suggestions for treatment, of course which require a prescription. I can't wait to get to the derm on Tuesday. Hopefully, she'll agree and I can relax again!! Thanks again, lovelies!
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife I would switch to hypoallergenic everything for a while. It IS possible to develop an allergy over time. Also, if you came in contact with something casually, rubbed your eyes, and didn't think about it again it's possible that could be doing it. The picture is fuzzy so it's hard to tell what it really looks like. Also, you said that you're developing anxiety over this. If that wasn't an overstatement and it's really...
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Honestly a photo would be really helpful! I know. I took a photo but it just wasn't clear enough. I'll try again later. Quote: Originally Posted by Addy's Mom Does it look like this? It could be psoriasis. http://img.webmd.com/dtmcms/live/web...n_forehead.jpg Well, it sort of looks like that except I didn't think that black people got psoriasis. However, it sort of resemble...
I've had this rash on my face for the past three weeks. I have an appt. with a dermatologist in four days but my anxiety level is rising because it is not getting better. It is on my eyelids, runs along my nose, in front of my nostrils and on my chin. It mostly flesh colored, flat, not oozing, not itching. I've tried hydro cortisone, bendaryl and now flax seed oil. Today I wake up, it is dry and slightly flaky but definitely still there. I had a friend who is a nurse...
New Posts  All Forums: