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Quote: Originally Posted by virgo I'm new to MDC and just thought I would say hi. Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy!
Sadly, my dad's eye will not regain the vision. The specialist performed a second surgery during which he discovered the retina has been destroyed. It's been a hellish month and we continue to ride a roller coaster. At this point, it is a wait and see game as to whether or not the eye will have to be removed. My dad is trying to be strong and accept 'whatever will be', but he has his moments. It's clear that this infection came from doctor error so my parents will be...
Thank you, lovelies!!
http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x...irl/tree-1.jpg http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x...girl/tree2.jpg
link fixed!
Quote: Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl I can't get to the pic... Yeah,I noticed it wouldn't work. Trying a different way. Thanks!!!
http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x...chmentaspx.jpg I'd appreciate if you could help me identify this tree. Thanks!
I'm posting on the fly but, wanted to thank you all for the love, support and healing energy. He's vision has not returned but his spirits are lifting. I took him out yesterday and we laughed like old times. He feels so helpless because this is a man who does not sit still. He runs a business, is an avid golfer and always on the road. All of that has ceased for now. I'm maintaining hope that at times it escapes me. It's so scary, y/k? You all are so giving with the...
You all have warmed my heart more than you know. It's been so hard. My dad's sight hasn't returned and honestly, I don't think it will. It's been close to three weeks and my gut is telling me that the retina is irreparably damaged. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so. The specialists won't give an opinion until the infection clears but, I think they already know. This is such a blow to my family because my dad is so active and will be devastated if his sight is...
Quote: Originally Posted by rootzdawta Many hugs to you Purplegirl! I pray that it all turns out well for your dad. And I know how painful it is in the midst of a crisis to realize full force that your friends are not friends. Often, that's the blessing in crises . . . it helps to make clear who's with us and who's not. I think it's true: you can't expect others to behave the way you do but you absolutely can expect to be treated the way you treat...
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