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I just got a bunch at Kohl's for dirt cheap. they are made of wool and have skid proof bottoms. I am having a slumber party for my younger cousins and just bought a lot for them!
Wow! I love grits. On my way to get some now. Nothing like turkey sausage, yummy grits and coffee on a cool Sunday morning. And yes, the dark flecks are simply discoloration in the grains! I love grits with butter--mmmm, delicious
Quote: Originally Posted by rootzdawta Are you serious?!? LoL . . . when I&I joined this site I looked for ones and ones on here and couldn't link with anyone. Just now I was looking for the "new to sewing" tribe and found the I's!! Blessed, blessed love to all I&I on this board. It's 4AM where I am and my little prince has his eyes *wide* open! I'm tired and typing one-handed. Just wanted to hail up the I them and subscribe. Haile I Selassie I,...
Peppermint essential oil works well as does peppermint leaves. I also use those electronic devices that emit a sound (that only rodents can hear). So far, I have not seen any or evidence thereof.
Quote: Originally Posted by AMum *saw* not *seen* No you didn't Grammar police...sheesh!
Quote: Originally Posted by mimiharshe Hellp Purplegirl. We want to give you a reminder to post on MDC today. We love that you strive to live simply. What an example you are. We also admire you as an amazing godmother! Please know we appreciate your booty and we think it looks good while you are doing your poses! Have a great booty shaking day mama! Hello mimharshe. Thank you for lifting the spirits of purplegirl today Yet again, she is...
Finding a mouse in my house is grounds for putting up the sale sign! It's a deal breaker for sure. Of course, it's bound to happen cause I live in the woods: and my house is pretty derned old I hope you don't see any more and that your cat keeps up his skills!
Hello purplegirl. We know that you don't have a life and without MDC you'd be SOL. Get your fat booty up and do some yoga/pilates already! Love, MDC
Quote: Originally Posted by happyhippiemama I would fix it, but it's funny as is, so it's staying. Nooo, don't change it mama! It is too funny!
What is the IQ range for geniuses? Does anyone know the percentage of geniuses in the U.S.?
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