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This!! I had to do this with my first. But also, just know they're all different. Some are just cruddy nappers. My second was always nursed to sleep and took amazing 3+ hour naps. My first...I was lucky to get 40 minutes. Hang in there!
Glad to hear you found someone to talk to!!  
i love the kathe kruse ring teether dolls for this age 
  exercise helps me - a little alone time doing something non-kid related and healthy - i know it can be hard to fit into the day though   wishing you some easier days soon
  Basically this.  But honestly I'm not complaining because he takes such good naps.  DD was an awesome night sleeper and a really cruddy napper - this way (bad night sleep) works so much better for me than the other way around.     And honestly....if I can be sappy for a minute...this is my last baby, and I really relish those semi-wakings when we snuggle and nurse and doze back off together.  DS is such a sweet, sweet co-sleeper, my heart is going to break when he...
  It's crazy, isn't it?  I mean, my parenting style isn't really all that different, but suddenly I have a baby that I can lay down for a nap in a pack-n-play in a room full of kids playing at a friend's house.  Or he'll lay on the rug playing with the shower curtain while I take a shower AND shave my legs!  Man oh man.  And yeah, he's a giggler.  <3   Maternalove, sorry you have a tougher one this time around but at least you have some baby skills now, right?  :)
I'll share something extremely silly that's working for us right now.  I draw a picture of a little animal on a tiny slip of paper and put it in the potty.  Then I talk for the animal, and the tiny animal pleads with DD not to pee on its head.  She giggles maniacally, pees or poos on her little animal friends, then says she's very very sorry (with a huge grin on her face).  I don't know how long it will last but it's a lot of fun and we only had 1 accident yesterday.  :)
For those of us with more than one now, I'm curious to know what kinds of differences you see between or among your kiddos.  DS is so different from his sister, it's like having an entirely different species.  I'm so glad I had DD first....... it's probably a really good thing I had no idea babies could be this easy or I would never have survived her infancy!
Wow, 21 lbs??  Holy cow, slimkins.  My 2 year old is only a little bigger than that!   DS is just like his sister was, basically average for everything.  (Which makes sense, DH and I are both very average builds too.)  We've had a little rolling over but he's too mellow to care all that much.
We are having a lot of success with solo naps now that we're putting him down on his tummy (like good solid 2 hr naps).  We've decided that we are now comfortable with the idea of tummy sleeping, after much deliberation.  He has a very strong preference for it.     They are all so very different...DD hated tummy sleeping/tummy time with a passion.  And that whole "drowsy but awake" thing?  Ha.  That never worked with DD, but totally works with this kid.  
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