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Agree on more pre-rinsing and/or more frequent pre-rinsing.  We pre-rinse every day but sometimes save them in a laundry basket and do the wash the next day.  That way things don't get as dried on and the diapers wash out better.   If you have hard water which can increase staining I also suggest using Calgon water softener in the wash.  It makes a big difference for us.  Unfortunately I am not able to find it in any stores around here so we have to order it online.
With DS we used a co-sleeper for the first few months, then moved to having a twin mattress on the floor next to our mattress (also on the floor).  It was pretty easy to transition him to having his mattress in our room but farther away from ours, then later on to his own room.   With DD we tried a bassinet for the first few weeks but quickly moved to her having her own twin mattress next to ours.   We haven't had any issues with our dogs trying to get into the beds,...
My DS gave up naps around 18 months.  On the positive side, his nighttime sleep got much better.
Try a nursing necklace, see if it will keep her hands busy.
  I would say most likely the dairy or else baby is coming down with something.   I doubt it's the bottle.
I would suggest trying prefolds, they wash out easier, have no elastic, and you customize the fit to your baby.  They are easy to use with a snappi.  Even if you end up not liking putting them on her, they are great for laying baby on for diaper-free time which will help her bottom.
I'm quite allergic to dust and have managed by using a vacuum with a HEPA air filter, and also running a standalone HEPA air filter in the room.  I have no hesitation babywearing to vacuum like that.
Hugs, sleep issues can be so frustrating.     If you want to keep holding him for naps, then wear him as @Chloe'sMama suggests.  Nothing wrong with that as long as you are comfortable.  I often wear DD in a wrap for naps and she sleeps very well while I get some chores/work done.  Sometimes she will let me do things while wearing her awake, but not always.   If you want to be able to put him down for naps, expect that it will probably take a little while for him to...
We use a Woombie which has a double zipper and I just unzip as much as needed for pottying.  Sorry, no experience with the miracle blanket here.
If you have overactive letdown, it might be milk stuck in there, not snot. http://www.drjen4kids.com/breastfeeding/oversupply.htm 
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