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Hugs Banana, that sounds very stressful.   Edelweiss, you are super mom!  I don't know how you do it.   Cardigan, I think encouraging wakefulness after 2 hours of napping will help him make the shift.  Turn on the light, turn off white noise (if you use it), make loud noises around him, turn off the vibrate on the bouncy chair, undo the swaddle.  At night, keep it as dim as possible, swaddle well, and use white noise. And, as with any sleep changes, try it out...
Adorable!  I get most smiles from DD when I am holding her on the potty (and she's just gotten out a big pee or poop), so no smile pictures here.
We had the same issue with DS and it turned out he was very sensitive to any lights on at night (which I needed to get him latched). Being first-time parents it took us months to figure it out. Luckily DD seems to have worked out a day-night schedule with low lights. Hope you can sort out his schedule soon!
Jill, mine is about the same.  We have our mattress on the floor and ended up putting another mattress next to my side of it and that is where she sleeps at night.  Some people also have luck with sidecarring a crib to their bed.
Agreed about prefolds on older babies.  We do EC and will move into trainers around that point.   Actually DD is pretty squirmy as is (she was rolling onto her side at 2 weeks) so I sometimes wish we had newborn-sized trainers.
We used Avent pacifiers with DS but only in the car or to help him fall asleep and took it away once he was asleep.  We were completely done with him before he was a year old. Haven't needed one yet with DD but we'll see how it goes when I leave her for longer stretches.  She loves to comfort nurse but is also calmed by movement or sucking on her fingers.
We do prefolds here too and I also like the jelly roll fold with a snappi.  Not only does it do better at containing the poop but IMO it allows the baby to move their legs more freely.  We hang dry our prefolds and just put them in the dryer for a few minutes at the end to soften them up.
Congrats GraysMama on your baby boy and your VBAC!   Looking forward to the full story whenever you get a chance. :)
Congrats Jane on your beautiful girl!
Mama505, that is awesome!
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