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Easy labor vibes GraysMama!
Hugs to you to Mama505!   Can't help with night sweats, but I did have hemorrhoids last time, luckily not this time.  I used witch hazel and sitz baths help a lot as well.    I'm doing EC with DD, we are using a top hat potty right now and it's going pretty well, glad to hear it's going well for you too.   At night I have her in a diaper and potty her (while nursing) when she wakes up, but not if she is just squirming in her sleep.  I'm not brave enough for...
 Agreed, I had to ask both the hospital pediatrician and the LC not to swaddle DD so I could nurse her skin to skin.  And we don't really bother with hats except in wintertime, baby takes them off anyway.  Cluster feeding is baby's way of increasing your milk supply as needed, so I agree, best to go with it if possible and baby will soon go back to a more normal frequency.
Great update GraysMama!
So impressed Banana and Leigh!!  Wish I had a bit of your craftiness.
Easy labor vibes!
Banana, actually we are in a tiny town near Pescadero and Half Moon Bay.  Good luck with the move!  It's very hard to find a place in the city itself.   Is your DH commuting to SF from San Leandro?  Hopefully he can take BART.   Mama505, great name!   Cardigan, must be nice to finally be home.   1. We use a Woombie, but you can also do a double swaddle inside a traditional swaddle.  Search on youtube for "double swaddle".   2. That sounds about right to me.  At...
I also over packed, only spent one night in hospital so didn't need as much as I had with me.  Mostly what got used was ipod/speakers (during labor), ipad (entertainment) and food.
Edelweiss, you're a super mom, I don't know how you manage all that!  Good luck with getting the supply up and I hope your sister can help you out.   At 1 month old DD is pooping ~4 times a day.  But we do EC so it is mostly in the potty and not too much in diapers.
Congrats Blue Lotus!  Rest up and enjoy your babymoon.
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