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What a beautiful birth story, thank you for sharing!   I'm glad your home birth was such a positive experience.  
Congrats Diva on your beautiful girl!   And what a story!  Glad it went so well.  My girl also started crying before her shoulders were born, it was a bit surreal.
Congrats Edwina and welcome Oliver!
Fingers crossed GISDiva!  Calladona, hope you get some rest.  EA77, hope your action plan works out.
Congrats Crunchy and welcome Natalie!   Beautiful name.  
Emily, hope things get moving for your LO soon!  Glad to hear nursing is better.   Leigh, ouch!  Rest up.  Maybe an ab splint would help?   My bleeding keeps coming and going.  I thought it stopped a couple of times, it was at its heaviest so far around 2 weeks.  I've probably been overdoing it a bit. Kind of funny how last time taking care of a newborn was overwhelming by itself and this time if all I have to do is take care of a newborn and a dog, it's an...
Congrats adinkra and welcome Luke!   And I thought my early labor was long, you must have been absolutely exhausted.  
Easy labor vibes, Crunchy!  
Congrats Jacksonmom and welcome Eleanor!   The name was also on our short list.  
Congrats namastesista on your gorgeous girl!  
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