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I'm not so queasy and food aversions are abating, but I get full so fast. I'm used to feeling that pregnancy super hunger, and it's not kicking in yet, though I am starving in the morning. It doesn't take much to fill me up, though. I miss being able to eat a bunch.
Popping in to say hi -- I haven't posted much here, as mothering and my browser don't seem to get along and my text keeps glitching. Annoying! But I enjoy reading how everyone is doing. I never knew you could do any thing for a cold sore. I've avoided any this year, phew. I'm being lazy with my iron, too. I took it faithfully for about a month, was feeling much better, and so of course I started forgetting to take it. My RLS is starting up again, and I think that...
I just wanted to second mareseatoats' recommendation. It has been wonderful for me! The blog Katy Says has loads of info, too. Here is a link to her pelvic floor posts: http://www.katysays.com/category/pelvic-floor-stuffs/
I felt a bunch of tapping the other night, at 14.5 weeks. I'm pretty sure it was the baby, and have felt more nudges in the same place since then.
I know what you mean. If that is too much, you could try moving the twin bed into your room, instead of the crib (I'm guessing that's in your room now). Good luck! I know how precious comfortable sleep is.
I tend to take the path of least resistance -- the strategy that has worked for me has been to put them to sleep in a bed I can fall asleep in comfortably. If he's not waking often at night, you can put him to sleep in his spot and hopefully the space will help keep him from waking. If he does wake, you can lie down with him. That's what has worked for us. It does mean some back and forth at night if he's having a rough time, but overall, it was easiest for me.
I thought I could feel mine first thing in the morning with a full bladder, but I wasn't sure about it otherwise. I'm 11 w today, and the mw said it feels more like a 13 w height, but it's probably just because it has btdt before. I was surprised at how high she was feeling it, but it still wasn't very high -- I was just expecting it to be just barely out.
I'm planning my 6th home birth (first baby was in the hospital). Our insurance covers everything and I'm so grateful for it.
Dh refuses to talk names this early, so I'm stuck thinking about it on my own. We don't name until after the baby is born, so there is a long time yet. We have 5 boys and I think we've used up boy names we both like. We might agree on Orion, but I don't know if we could pull it off. My name rules: I don't want to duplicate first initials among the kids, so names that start with D, S, M, R, A, and L are out. Sigh. Our last name starts with S, so I don't want any B...
I think I felt some phantom kicks a few weeks ago -- that was early enough (7 weeks) that I knew for sure it wasn't the baby. I've also felt phantom kicks in the days after giving birth, so I assume it has to do wit my uterus changing size and getting weird feelings as it does so. At 11 weeks, if I felt something, I would still assume I felt phantom kicks. I know they can squirm and stuff at this point, but I don't think they can really make movements that are big...
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