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I'm 11w 1d and just had an appointment this morning. MW said it would be 50/50 to hear the baby, and it did take a while -- she started making small talk to relieve the tension. We did hear it, though, after she put more gel on the wand. She said my uterus felt more like 12-13 weeks, but since it was tricky finding the HB, I probably am actually 11 weeks.
Name: Brisen Age: 35 when baby is born Due early July Location: Eastern Ontario Child #7 I hope to find out the sex at the anatomy scan. I don't have any hunches.
The baby was head down at my appointment a few days ago, but this morning it felt like he had moved around a bit and there was lots of little pokey punchy kicky feelings all along my bikini line.  I'm 29 weeks now, so there is still time for him to adjust, and he's not a huge baby (I'm only measuring 27 cms).
Yes, good luck :)  I'm glad to hear that your guy moved from being transverse -- that would have made me nervous.  My guy was transverse at the 20 week u/s, which is still plenty of time to move, but I kind of have a feeling he's still that way.  I'm not really sure; I think this anterior placenta is messing with me.  I'm carrying higher than I remember in the past, but I feel almost all of the kicks down low, around the bikini line, or at about the level of my navel but...
I'm never really sure where things are either, no matter how much poking around I do; I feel like I should be an expert by now, lol.  The anterior placenta this time is making it more difficult, though.  I am feeling more movement, but it's a lot of big movement.  I'm measuring right on for my dates instead of 1-2 cm behind like I usually do, so maybe he has more room than I'm used to.    
I have my fingers crossed for you that your little one will stay put.
Faither -- how do you feel about compound names?  I think Ian Conor has a nice flow as a two-name first name.  Like the kid on Arrested Development (George Michael?).  I've also heard Ian Michael recently.   SpiderMonkey -- I recognize Noam Chomsky, but if I met a kid named Noam, I wouldn't assume he had been named after Chomsky.  So if you're starting a survey, that's my answer.   It looks like Gideon has joined our list.  It was pretty naive of me to think that...
3timesamom, I totally know what you mean!  I'm not much of a shopping person either (actually maybe I am, just as long as it's not crowded, and I don't have to shop for clothes or shoes), but sometimes just getting out and not having to be responsible for another human and the crazy things they do is worth it.  My toddler is learning to climb stuff; we have all of the kitchen chairs down on their sides, stashed under the table when we're not using them, but he's figuring...
I have been so stuffy with this pregnancy, and now I have a sinus cold thing going on.  I couldn't breathe through my nose at all at night, and it was making me miserable.  I finally went out and got some nasal spray, after seeing it recommended as safe & helpful and all that.  I don't know why I waited so long -- that stuff is amazing!  It makes such a difference.  I'm sleeping better and don't feel so gross in the morning, lol.
Avery Reed is sweet, and it does go nicely with Emma.  I like Av- names.  Our youngest's first and middle name initials are AV.  I occasionally call him A.V., so it sounds like Avery, but without the R in the middle.
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