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Sorry your appointment went so badly, but at least you know who you don't want at your birth!  I don't know how things are where you live, but where I am, there seems to be a big difference between midwives who came into it after being a nurse first vs. midwives who trained just as midwives.  Not all the time, but it's a trend I've noticed.    
Lalaith -- have you been having morning sickness up until 20 weeks?  That's awful.  I hope it's smooth sailing from here on in.   3timesamom -- this is the first fall when I've really not been looking forward to winter.  Usually I'm either excited or neutral.  Now, I'm just dreading all the extra time that snowpants and stuff takes up, having wet outerwear hanging all over the place, and being cold and achy when we go out.  My skin is already dry and sore.  Ugh.  I'm...
Sneakers are really quiet on hard surfaces compared to, say, hard-soled leather shoes.  Not as quiet as socks, but quieter than the other types of footwear that were around when sneakers were invented.   http://www.talewins.com/humor/sneakers.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athletic_shoe#Etymology    
Welcome, and congrats!  It is nice to find a supportive community.   I'm older now, but I was 20 when my first was born, if that counts ;)
Dandy Lion -- My dd wanted to name our youngest George, and then when we told the kids about this baby, my 4 yo insisted that the baby would be named George.  But not George Shrinks or Curious George, because we don't want people getting mixed up.  I really like the name George, but I haven't started using that name to refer to the baby, because I don't want the kids to be disappointed when we don't use it, lol.   Guess: Boy Appointment Date: 11/8 Its a... I'm guessing...
That would make sense, since that's also what seems to be going on for those in the US.
It's November!  March is getting closer!  Woot!
Sigh... I'll be lurking here.  Our oldest went to JK for 2 months, and we had homeschooled since then up until this fall.  He just turned 12.  Dh has been getting antsy about getting him into school for a year or two now; he's very much in favour of public schooling for older kids.  So we had registered him and I was looking at spending the rest of the summer working on math with him, since we realized that they don't do late registrations for fall birthdays here, and so...
Yup -- I'm glad a lot of the brands seem to have adopted light blue as their "light" label colour.  Of course, then I'm suspicious of anything in light blue packaging.  I quadruple-checked something yesterday that was in light blue packaging but not "light."
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