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Really?  I guess kathymuggle and I should check our geography, then.  ;)    
I don't buy anything low- or non-fat (on purpose... sometimes I get something home and realize I didn't read the label well enough) or anything with artificial sweeteners.     I don't buy the little fruity gummy candies that come in packages meant for lunch kits.  I occasionally send a couple of pieces of candy, like a few jelly beans or two caramels, but I'm not going to buy something that's pretending it isn't candy.  
Sneakers.  I'm in Ontario, Canada.  I occasionally hear running shoes, but most of the time, the person saying it is referring to shoes that are specifically for running.
My favourite Hallowe'en candy is the Hallowe'en kisses.  I think between the four kids, we got one of those.  I guess they're not too popular.  And the kids all agreed that I could have it.  :P  I couldn't even find them at the store today.  Other than that, I like the little chocolate bars, mostly things like caramilk and the cookies & cream bars.   Yum.  So I picked up some of those at the half price sales today.     I like seeing the different kinds of candies and...
SageR -- that's too funny about your dh.  I can totally see that, too.  I've turned Hallowe'en over to my dh as well, but mostly because it stresses him out so much and he wants things to go a certain way.  I mean, I do most of the stuff for the kids' costumes, but he chooses the candy to give out, goes out with the kids, and then he's in charge of what to do with the candy.  I would just let the kids keep it and regulate themselves, because honestly, it's exhausting...
34me -- how neat!  I figured we would easily get a redhead, since dh is super ginger and I have relatives on both sides with red hair.  Our fifth was our first really red redhead, and even with him, his hair looked black when he was born and it has gradually come in more red/copper.  Dh's sister has 3 redheads, and her dh and everyone in his family has black hair, but his beard comes in red.  My MIL has been so relieved that our kids haven't had red hair, while...
It does sound like an ocular/visual migraine.  I get them, thankfully without an actual migraine.  It starts off as a small ball of flashing, kind of rainbowish light, and gets bigger and opens up off to the side.  At the most, I lose about 1/4 of my field of vision.  Then it keeps moving to the outside until it is gone.  I get them in either eye.   My blood pressure is always either right where it should be or slightly low, and I've had no pre-e concerns.  I asked...
I voted either.  The Au beginning feels feminine to me, and the fact that it's a colour name, but the "burn" part feels masculine.  Probably because I know a guy who goes by Bern (sounds like burn), short for Bernard.  
Ouch is probably a big understatement!  I always find the round ligament pain painful, but at least it goes away quickly.  It would be hard to move around or do much of anything if it just weren't letting up.  Hope you heal up quickly. 
Oh my, hope you guys are holding up OK!  No snow here -- beautiful sunny fall day in eastern Ontario.
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