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hctamommy. I was worried about comments with #4, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm hoping it will be the same this time.
Keeping busy is the key for me. Can you start a project you'll be excited to work on? Find something else online you can use your work downtime for? I don't know what your work setup is like, but can you use your downtime for some stretches/little exercises/working on a hobby instead of surfing?
It is so frustrating to be hungry and queasy and not want to eat anything. Re: the fast food, is there another mom/someone local who you could maybe work out a deal with, to pay/barter with them for meals? You might be able to get stuff your family will like for cheaper than the take out. Just a thought.
Sounds good to me!
Thanks, guys. After dinner, I snoozed on the couch for a while. Dh had to go out tonight, but I had the older two in bed by 7. The younger two are remarkably easygoing once they're the only ones up. So I'm hanging out with them, tidying up a bit, and surfing.
Well, I usually hear the biblical Mary and Joseph referred to as "Mary and Joseph," but I usually say my kids' names in their birth order, so if yours were mine I would always say "Joseph and Mary." That wouldn't so much make me think of the Mary and Joseph. Do you ever call your Joseph "Joe"? Are you set on the name Mary, or would a variation on it be just as pretty to you but lessen the weirdness you're feeling -- like Marianne, or Miriam, or Mary ___ (Jane, Sue,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride He commutes by bike in good weather, and enjoys that, so he gets at least a shift of gears before he gets home. *yuk yuk*
OK, I'm definitely feeling moody now. I think, all things considered, I'm managing it well. Everyone except the toddler and I have been sick -- dh started on Thurs, and then the kids have picked it up one by one. So I've been running around and getting stuff for everyone and getting up at night more than usual. And everything annoys me. I'm annoyed that dh went and got sick and got the kids sick just when I was newly pg and tired and hungry all of the time and my back...
Thanks, ursusarctos, I'll look into that.
I only usually find it uncomfortable to nurse near the end of a pregnancy. My milk gradually decreases until it's pretty much gone by the start of the 2nd tri, and then I get colostrum near the end. I have three children who gestated while I nursed. I have miscarried, but (coincidentally or not) it was only when I was still tandem nursing. Once the older nursling weaned, the next pg stuck.
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