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do you use this product? do you have a preferred company to buy from? what did you use it for? have you tried it internally? ds had warts and it was wonderful, we'd been trying the otc stuff for months, and a little immuno-tonic and ozon. olive oil, they were gone. now little bro has warts, too, so... so i'd like to get some more to play with, but i was wondering about others' experiences and a good potent source. thanks!
some fungal infections are much worse during your cycle, something w/ hormones - maybe try an anti fungal regimen? sort of like a candida flush - garlic!, no sugar, no gluten... the regular bacterial cold treatments don't help, really.
i will ask the sheriff for the stories, i believe. i don't care about peeing or teen sex or even prostitution. i will re-read protecting the gift - i actually sought that out a few years back because "stranger danger" seems nonsensical to me (my 1st born is super social). i mean we know these people on a 1st name basis, so... i even remember that i am more likely to be assaulted than the kids. still, i am just having these FEELINGS (argh)! so much thanks to you all. ...
I just do not know what I am supposed to do with this information. I have very close neighbors on this registry. the kids can only go out of the house w/ a buddy or our protective dogs and we have no fence. So, ok, how do i relax ever, ever again? thanks.
was the news discussions w/ other moms. now just to check health stuff now and again. see you all in a few months. i miss the news.
My son has an awful cold. He just came off of antibiotics. I have access to some colostrum (lost a calf yesterday), but can't decide if NOW is the time to give it to him. So, would you wait for the congestion in his lungs to pass before trying to build up his good bacterias again w/ raw dairy or grab the colostrum now as a timely blessing and let him drink?
The cartels' route wars were focused in the border towns, but are being stuffed back down into central america by the military. mexico city is seeing a steep rise in violent crime again over the recent weeks and it must be a very scary time to be there. the tourism is gone as is its revenue, maybe not wartorn, but still... http://www.time.com/time/photogaller...720389,00.html eta: my point is not to be confrontational, but i am afraid that there is such an air of...
i read that it responds readily to antivirals and even steroids. i think it was a good excuse for martial law in mexico.
we are about a half hour from mexico but i really don't even feel worried. mexico city is practically wartorn and not that affluent to begin w/ right? 1300 reported possible cases probably isn't the tip of the iceberg. i thought i read "mild flu like symptoms" for the u.s. cases. we had a couple of bad respiratory viruses here this past month that i assumed was some flu or another. i guess i am missing something - we even live w/ swines and avians and humans too of...
We had a "Millionaire's Family" and then realized we were still just farmers, so we had a few more younguns, as our status dictates.
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