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New here! Separated for almost three months now and accidentally ended up getting involved with someone last month (a man I had known casually for months while I was with STBX and had a little crush on, and called him to hang out once I was single). It moved WAY too fast, and got WAY too complicated WAY too quickly. We both realized we were getting to a place that neither of us intended to be this early in the game, so we decided to back off for a bit. We still hang out...
Not sure if it helps, but I just separated from H and I, too, feel awful.  I think it's normal... at least that's what I'm telling myself.  For me, the buildup to this point was so long in coming and I don't think there was really any other option for us, but going through the pain of the transition... watching someone else that you care about (I still do care about my H, sounds like you may too) hurt so much... knowing that you are taking steps to "break up the family",...
So one week is 2/2/3, the next week is pretty much 2/2/5?  Or do you switch something else around so that you don't go 5 days without seeing the little ones?   Also wanted to mention to those that are worried about keeping schedules straight... Google calendar rocks.     
  It's interesting to me that most of the people who are supportive of this schedule are the ones who have actually done it, and the ones that are  haven't tried it.  I guess we all have a pretty good idea what will work for our families from the start.
The schedule would continue to alternate: Mon/Tues with Mom, Wed/Thurs with Dad, Fri/Sat/Sun with Mom, Mon/Tues with Dad, Wed/Thurs with Mom, Fri/Sat/Sun with Dad. etc.  Yes, definitely the potential for confusion!   Our houses are 5 min from each other.  Lots of shuffling for sure, but hopefully being so close will help.  My thought was that with kids so young I didn't want them to be without either one of us for very many days in a row.  Our relationship is quite...
I'm getting ready to separate from H and move into a new place this weekend.  We're planning a 2/2/3 schedule for visitation with our kids, ages 8 and 4 (twins).  Can anyone share how this schedule worked out for you?  I feel like it will be a good fit for our family, just wanting to look out for potential problems.  Thanks :).
I don't see anything wrong with hoping for a healthy child.  What bothers me more is when people go into the u/s as if the only important information they get will be whether the baby is a boy or a girl.  It doesn't even enter their minds that the u/s might actually find something wrong.  THAT makes me cynical.   Or maybe I'm just jealous of being that worry-free.
My son has a fatal genetic disorder.  There is treatment available (which he has had), but the treatment carries significant mortality risks.  We chose IVF/PGD in order to have more children.  PM me if you want to talk further, I typically don't post the details on public boards.
The original post of this thread is over a year old.  Any updates, oceanbaby? 
Have you thought about seeing a doctor?  The babes may have sleep apnea or other medical condition that's making it hard for them to sleep. 
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