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A good number of us have been rather active in our Facebook group for this page. If you have not been able to join yet and would like to, please PM me directly and I will get you in! We don't want anyone left out!
 I would love to hear updates as well. 
I feel like DD2 is going to be on the move way sooner than DD1 ever was. She's a mover too!
pm sent!
I can't believe it! I'm already past my 1 year anniversary of getting the BFP. (We also have a number of people trying to request to join this group but are meaning to join the 2014 group.)     Anyone here not on the FB group yet? We are much more active there, probably largely due to the privacy control.
  sent pm!
Is there a Shoshana in here?
Try having LO nurse uphill to relieve the pressure of the letdown.
DH made his appt to get a V. It's 2 days before his birthday poor guy!
  Maybe get long term non-permanent bc and see how you feel in a few years?
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