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Quote: Originally Posted by shantiani Just some fun with surveys to see the spectrum of our ddc. How old will you be when the baby is born? I am 30 now but will be 31 when baby is born. This will be our second.
I am really getting the itch to do the nursery. DD is 2 1/2 and still in "the nursery" and in a crib. The new baby will sleep with us at first but I have all these ideas for the new nursery We didn't find out the gender of our daughter beforehand so her room is green and neutral, but I really want to find out this time around and start on the new nursery! DH wants to move Laina to the "guest room" and then put the baby in the original nursery. I want to leave Laina in her...
Hi Cristiaz, if you're using raw milk you don't have to heat or warm the milk at all, according to my mom who used to do it all the time w/raw goats milk. I haven't tried it yet because we don't get enough raw milk to spare for making yogurt (yet). She said just to mix the starter in with the milk and let sit in a jar or tightly covered container overnight or about 12 hrs. Let us know what you try next and how it works out!
Yay! Did you end up getting cow's or goat's milk? I'm so happy for you!
Hello, welcome!
What Inspired said! Great post. Also, just fyi, bison is even higher in iron than beef: http://www.highplainsbison.com/hpb/Shop?dsp=80601 :
I was raised on raw milk and have been wanting to get it for my family for years now. I finally just signed up to be a shareholder in a local goat herd. I am so excited and we just got our first gallon of milk on Wed. It is the best milk I have ever tasted!! My 2 yr old loves it too and keeps asking for "goat milk". Too cute I hope you find a great farm in your area. Besides the real milk website, I also looked up online and found out that Colorado has a Raw Milk...
Hi! I'm due with my second in late April as for the vitamins - I take a wonderful, top-rated multi vitamin multi mineral. It's not technically a prenatal, but there are many OBs and physicians who recommend it. It has everything that pregnant women need in the right amounts. I also take an ultra-pure fish oil supplement, organic flax-sunflower-olive oil blend, and extra calcium. I also just got a really informative CD done by a doctor and lactation consultant about...
Is it goat's milk from the store (pasteurized) or raw goat milk from a farm?
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