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I really like Phillipa Greggory's work. The Little House is all about a woman with post-partum and a difficult MIL. It's good reading. She also wrote The Queen's Fool. It's about England in the 1500s (I think). The main character is a very strong woman who has a gift for seeing the future. And when in doubt, there's always Harry Potter! Have fun reading!! Chrissy
For me, it's hard to find time for meditating. I ALWAYS put everything else before meditation. I can always find time to empty the dishwasher or sit with my DS but not meditation. I'm working on it though. I have a beautiful meditation room upstairs. I painted the walls a magical shade of purple. It's got all my books, tarot cards, and spiritual items in there. I just sit in my big comfy chair and relax, breathe and meditate. It's a glorious experience. I am trying to...
Can I join y'all? I have a little coven with several of my friends. I just met with them last night to celebrate my birthday. We have a lbirthday ritual that we do to celebrate. At the end of the ritual, you make your secret birthday wish. We have a beautiful necklace with a key on it that we pass between us witches. I get to wear it from now until the next birthday. It's filled with so much wonderful witchy energy! I'm so lucky to have these women to celebrate the...
I collect antique Asian items--figurines, pictures, etc. I love them! My husband, unfortunately, seems to have a habit for collecting 1950s furniture. Our house is entirely decorated in 1950s and 1960s. I love it but we have so much furniture, we should open our own shop!! Chrissy
You can do it BusyBusyMama!! I slipped up on the sugar too. Last Sunday was my birthday and I used that as an excuse to have sugar all week long! : I stopped losing weight, of course, and I didn't feel very good about myself. So today, I'm back on the bandwagon again! We can kick this habit! Chrissy
Megan- I'm with you. I still have sugar sometimes (this past week more than others : ) but it feels more like a conscious choice. I've deleted the daily sugars from my diet. I haven't lost much weight but I'm proud of myself and I'm glad we're all doing this! CHrissy
I also heard that you weren't supposed to put mirrors in your bedroom! I have a friend who's a Feng Shui consultant. She told me to either remove the mirrow or cover it up at night. I wonder where the confusion comes in? Do different "brands" of Feng Shui practitioners believe different things?? Chrissy (another long night last night...)
Good luck! May you have a blessed birth!! Chrissy
I saw it in the theater a few months ago and loved it! It should have been up for best picture at the Oscars! It was so moving--dramatic and uplifting. I loved it Chrissy
Sorry to hear you're having such a struggle. I had a friend who was the master manipulater. It was so frustrating! I could never win an arguement, even when I was clearly right! I feel for you! What do you think you need to make the best of this situation? What would help? It seems like one of the biggest issue for you is finding a way to take pride in the way you handle these situations. What can you do differently to feel good about yourself? See, I've got more...
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