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Help! I'm trying to sell my house. We did all the work to make it look really, really good. It's been a month long process but we're all ready...except my house smells like cat pee. My realtor said she could smell it when she came in the house. I love my kitties and I'm not sure what the problem is with them. I was hoping for some wisdom. If I mixed tree tee oil and water and sprayed it all over, would that help? Baking soda? Other recommendations. I have to get house sold...
I LOVE Buddha In Your Mirror! It's an awesome book and easy to read. I completely felt like I was coming home when I read it! Hope you enjoy it! Chrissy:
Great idea! I'm in! We're getting ready to sell our house so I definately need to keep tidy. I really am excited to see what I can do in 20minutes! Chrissy
O.k. I'm back on the wagon tonight after 2 days of eat, eat, eating. I slipped A LOT but I too felt like CRAP when I did that. I had some pizza for lunch today and it was all I could do to stay awake. So, I'm back to Phase 1 again. Hurray! Thanks for the support! Chrissy
O.k. I totally fell off the wagon today. I did really well when I went out to lunch...but then I felt so good that I rewarded myself with a slice of chocolate cake at work. Then I went out with friends after work and ate lots of appetizers, drank 2 glasses of wine and came home and had greasy chinese and an appetizer for dinner!! I'm so disappointed in myself AND I feel so, so stuffed. It's horrible. What do I do now... Chrissy
Can I join you too? My DS is 2.5 and we're into the NCSS for Toddlers. It's really helped us getting Jesse to sleep in his own bed...we just can't get him to stay there! And we can't get him to go to bed early enough. In fact, it's 10:30 right now and he's STILL up! Help!
Congrats to ShelBean! I've got a rough weekend ahead mamas! I'm going out for happy hour tonight! Then we're going away Saturday until Sunday afternoon for a romantic getaway! That's AWESOME but I've got 5 meals to watchout for!! HELP. How do you eat out and stay SB? How do you resist the temptation? Chrissy
Bless your heart mama! I know it's hard! You're probably fine. We all have our dark days. Usually in recover, you still have lows, but they aren't as low as they used to be and they don't last as long. It's good that you're on guard but you also don't want to freak yourself out! One thing you might want to try is track your moods on the calendar. Put a little "B" on the calendar for each bad day. If at the end of the month, no notice a bad pattern, you can see that you...
We used stickers to get our son to go to bed in his room. It worked great and after awhile he tappered himself off the stickers anyway. Good luck! Chrissy
Hi Mama! I'm looking to move DS out of my bed and into his own. We've finally, successfully, gotten him to fall asleep in his room.!! Hurray! But now, as soon as he wakes up, in the middle of the night, he must come join us. He calls for me until I come get him. How do I get my sweet 2.5yr old to stay in his big boy bed all night long? I want to do this very lovingly and gently. Any wisdom?? Chrissy
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