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Aw darn, looks like I've been foiled by the nut free rule again. I paid for a table to sell baked goods at my kids' school craft fair. Apparently even my packaged baked goods cannot contain nuts. My best saleable goods have nuts. Poo. Time to come up with new ideas for baked goods, and perhaps also suck it up making biscotti with no nuts.
Things are going well with my neighbour's baby. She's doing a great job with her, particularly by following her own ideas rather than what everyone else is telling her (like CIO!). Send me a PM mamas and let me know what you're looking to pay for the Learning Tower and when you might like to pick it up. I love the thought of it moving on to someone else here.
Those were the two I'd thought of too. I've never been into Milkface but I smile when I drive past it. I'll go check those shops out today. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Morningcalm My son was born outside of Canada and both my husband and I are Canadian citizens. So, based on our experience in getting our son's citizenship card, it takes a lot longer than a few weeks to get one. We were able to get a temporary 1 year passport in three weeks but we have to wait 8 months for his citizenship card. Apparently, that length of waiting time is normal. Seconding this. It took me about that...
Question for Ottawa mamas - where do you find a good market for your more crunchy items? I have a Learning Tower that looks brand new and I have this feeling that if I threw it up on somewhere like Kijiji nobody would know what it is. I also know I'd get no money for it somewhere like Boomerang Kids. Also, I'm lending my ring sling to a neighbour right now and she LOVES it. She'd like one of her own. Where she buy one?
Sorry mama, I don't know where the McKellar area is. I'm in Kanata. Have you tried Wee Watch? You could also post an ad on Kijiji looking for a childcare provider, or scroll through the ads already on there.
We used to drink organic milk but after a bit of a bollocking from our new nurse practitioner I'm trying the switch to soy milk.
My children's school is nut free and we're in Ontario. We're big nuts eaters at lunch (particularly almond butter and raw nuts) so it's been a tough adjustment. I completely understand the school wanting to provide as safe an environment as possible for allergic children. But I'm wondering how realistic of a teaching environment it is for the child in terms of learning to keep away from nuts? In other words, what is done in other public situations like restaurants,...
Nope because I knew it was coming. Though if I'd been smart/psychic I would have.
Still sending some of those lovin' vibes your way :::
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