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How's it going, mamas? I'll bet your enjoying your babymoon, fridgeart.
I agree with everyone who says go to a piercer. It makes sense to take your child to a specialist. A 14 year old at Necklace Pagoda isn't a pro at ear piercing. Lily will be having her ears pierced by my friend, probably at our home. It's one of the bonuses of having a friend who's a piercer and can show up with everything autoclaved/sterile.
I love how Google comes up with a bunch of answers all at once. When I hear Maggie I too think of the Rod Stewart song.
I'm 426. Or maybe it's just the day I'm having.
Dilute! Dilute! Dilute!
Dear lady outside the shop, There is one door to go in and out of. Please do not stand directly in front of the door and smoke up a storm. I hated having to walk my kids through the cloud of smoke but by your seconds cig I couldn't wait any longer. I really don't want to go through another hospitalisation for her asthma. You're not helping. Dear children, I love you, but I am strongly considering selling you for cheese. Surely there can be a 10 second interval that...
We shared the house. We were separated but living in the same house for a year. We started the divorce proceedings and it finalised just after I had moved back to Canada. It was tough living in the same house and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless it really has to be done. It's okay at the start but gets progressively more difficult.
Yes and no. We eat all the same food home and out. The exception to this is drinks. I drink coffee, wine and sometimes pop. They're not allowed any of these. Though if they ask for a sip of wine they're allowed it. I let them have tea sometimes too (super milky of course).
Another vote for Montreal. It's gorgeous and has a European city feel to it. In fact, I'm heading there this weekend with any luck. I keep trying to go to Toronto but from here but the drive is a lot longer and my kids start bashing each other's heads in after 5 minutes in the car.
Quote: Originally Posted by TinkerBelle I once got yelled at for catching a toddler who was falling out of a grocery cart when Mom had her head turned. I would have still helped your LO, but a lot of people are so afraid of being sued or even just yelled at. :
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