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WHOA. I'd never heard of this before. Cameroon apparently. How sad.
LOL The "it's aMERka not Italy" reminds me of the freedom fries debacle.
If it was me I'd show my children pictures of conjoined twins so they can get used to what it looks like. here's a whole lotta info explained well Photos seem to bring reality a little closer than just explanations. Here are some from Google
And here I thought by the title you were talking about me.
Whoa. What a completely mean/odd thing to do. Is there a chance your child was out of your eyeshot for a bit at some point and did something to her children? Maybe she was knee jerk reacting to it?
Woooooooooooooooo mama! : Whenever I break out the tools I mention to my son "You know these aren't just for girls to use. Some boys like to use them too." :nana:
I hear you. Even after making myself a mocha the day is not looking rosier. It doesn't help that this is a depressing summer weather wise. So much rain. It's been days of rain now and the week to come has no sun in the forecast - just rain and clouds. Feh.
Ew that squicks me out! No I wouldn't get one because the thought of them noming my feet creeps me out.
yup, it's for real
Living in Italy with my fabulous (probably Italian) husband who makes my soul sing. He loves my children and we have a couple of our own. We have earth shaking sex and an emotional intimacy on a plane I didn't know existed. I can't imagine spending a night without him, but during the day we go about our jobs crossing paths when we can. He tends the vineyard. I teach baking that I've learned from the local women. At night the we, along with the children, have outdoor...
New Posts  All Forums: