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Quote: Originally Posted by Joyster I'm a Canadian, I'd probably pick the PNW as well. Close enough to zip into BC, but also neat weather and relatively relaxed people. : I lived in the Seattle area for years and I've been back here a year now. I miss the PNW like crazy. The biggest things holding me here right how are OHIP and my family. Other than that I'd go back in a heart beat.
Maybe it's a fetish.
My family and some people I meet think I'm out to lunch. They generally don't understand my parenting choices. I like that when I come here I feel normal. In fact, somewhere between normal and repressed.
I just paid for a Think Pink level but the address attached to my Paypal account doesn't include my username. There was no place to input my MDC name. How is MDC going to know it's me for activating the account?
My concern is more for you, actually. I wouldn't have my child at the birth if I had another because that's where my head would be. I'd be thinking about how the children are handling it rather than concentrating on the birth. And if they were stressed at all that would carry through to me.
Can't you call and ask?
It depends on which city, but I voted the farther away one. As soon as I had children my "nest" mattered a lot.
There's no denying it. He's smelly. Sid has always been he of the smelly feet. But this summer he now has smelly arm pits. What the heck?! I thought the sweat glands didn't start kicking in until puberty. Surely he's not starting off puberty already?! When did you start giving your child deoderant? There's no two ways about it, I'm going to have to go buy Sid deoderant tomorrow. But sheesh, that seems young. He thinks it's hilarious that he has stinky pits and I'm...
*blink blink* I must have missed something. I love prints! My mum is a framer (museum quality) so I have some gorgeously framed Mucha prints as well as a couple Edward Gorey ones. I also have framed photos I took of my children. And one gorgeous piece of original art - a painting of a poppy which I bought at the Tacoma farmers market just before moving away from WA.
Heck no!!! They're cool looking, and I'm a big mac fan. But the costs of the plans here are straight out ridiculous.
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