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Glad you found one. I was going to offer to send you one of ours.
Thank you for making our province...er...proud. I totally voted for the hideousness of yours. Nothing could compare to the sticking up bits you put in. Genius ETA: Hey, you're a semi finalist!
Honestly, if it was me I would probably lie. What would have come out of my mouth would have been something like "Really? I don't know...my mother is latino and she did an excellent job of keeping an eye on us."
Love love love your responses everyone. They make me happy all over again. *group tree hug* We're heading out to the country this weekend for a big community breakfast my brother and the other firefighters are cooking. Now it will also involve a side trip to the forest for some : Oh there you are Di! Sending some your way.
I had a couple over for dinner on the weekend. It was only the second time I'd met the husband and he was trying to feel me out. I'm slightly soggy but that still leaves me as much crunchier than them. To the point that they'd never heard the expression "crunchy". We're having dinner and he suddenly looks up at me with a (not unkind) smirk and says out of nowhere "Have you ever hugged a tree?" Which opens the floodgates of memories living in the Seattle area, wandering...
I celebrate this day with more gusto since having lived in the US for several years. Glad to be home.
Yes and loved it! Lily is still too young to sit through it...or rather it's just her personally not ready to sit through a full movie. Great little movie with a great message if you choose to listen. Sid loved the movie and it was even better watching him than the movie. Usually he sits and zone out to the tv with his mouth hanging open. This time he was giggling, smiling and getting into every detail of the movie. It really sparked his imagination. My only...
Feh! She has nothing to worry about. She's a total cutie. When she's ready, the guys will be knocking down the door.
Gross table manners, blegh!
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