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Not too low at all. I wouldn't feel comfortable paying less than $5/hour. My nephew wanted to charge $3/hour for babysitting and it just didn't feel right, I couldn't do it.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yet another reason not to wear gloves to wash dishes. Gloves drive me nuts...I can't feel anything properly. Nothing in the world can make me garden with gloves on.
Couldn't read this and not say something. How incredibly frustrating for you! If I saw the guy walking around on the street I really don't think I could hold myself back from yelling at him. What a jacka$$.
I'm in for a meet up!
Quote: Originally Posted by Krystal323 sorry, but :. i don't want my kids to be blindsided by the big scary society out there past our front door i think if i had continued to "protect" them the way i did at first, they wouldn't know how to cope with the rest of the culture as a teen/young adult. : My son is 6 1/2 and I just started him in TaeKwonDo. I think I'm also going to let him see Kung Fu Panda. I think it's time to introduce him...
*giggle* Makes me think of my family! We all love the bums of our kiddies here. Right from the time of being a baby we'll lightly pinch a bum cheek and say "peaches!!!!!". It's a funny surprise when they get old enough to start doing it back.
Quote: Originally Posted by gingerbane I love MDC but sometimes I think we all need to take a step back and have some sympathy. We need to support other people with love and guidance and not throw the cold hard facts at them like we're trying to purify them with fire. : I think that's why we get the nickname "Smothering" Much as I love MDC I tend to take breaks because I get sick of having someone jump down my throat for a...
I grew up in Canada and spent most of my childhood summers in England. I was sure I remembered it being the same in England as here so I confirmed with my mum. She said we never ran about naked in...it wasn't considered proper in either country. *shrug*
The chart was right with my son so I thought I'd try my hand planning for a daughter with it. The result is nearly 4 year old Lily.
This is something I have no wish to expand my mind about. My kids and I are quite happy hopping into showers or grabbing clothes from the dryer while naked. We love our bodies and are comfortable with them. But we also believe in respecting our bodies as something sacred that not everyone gets to see. And the idea of strangers getting a show of my kids naked really creeps me out.
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