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I can't stand it either. There's something creepy to the sound of it. And 100 times more so when a guy says it. *shudder*
I've always been against gaming systems. My objections are pretty evenly split between 1) The sheer nastiness of the games (like grand theft auto) and 2) people getting stuck into them instead of living real life. That said, seeing some of the options like Wii Fit come out, I'm starting to reconsider the sweeping scope of my decision. Particularly times like now when it's been raining for days and will be more several more to come.
Quote: Originally Posted by neetling Man I love q-tips. Someone somewhere once called it aural sex and it feels soooooooo good to "scratch" in the ear canal. LOL Aural sex is just perfect!
So um...the question is...can you use it on the inner thighs?
Mine is a leftover from goth days.
Yay for the ladies who said something good to you! I love when that happens. Just keep reminding yourself that no matter what strangers say, you know you're doing the right thing for your babe. Keep up the good work mama.
I love Montreal for the street art. Here it's mostly tagging which I think is nothing but an eyesore. Tagging isn't beautiful. It's a scribble. And unfortunately the bored kids do it here on everything from cars and houses to schools and electric boxes. Actual street art is like a naughty treat for the eyes. I love walking around a corner and being surprised with a creative piece of art, offered up for free to the masses. The colours, the moment of pause, the...
Hold on a minute. Did you seriously think I meant that you're a swinger? Or are you just picking at my language?
Quote: Originally Posted by wemoon Well, I like having my GF in my life because of emotional reasons, not because of what she does for me, which really isn't all that much. I do not rely or depend on her for anything and if she can help out with something, it is greatly appreciated, but never expected. P.S. Please think about the language you use in regards to "swing that way" as if my sexuality is something other than normal. I guess that's...
Quote: Originally Posted by hanno a few hours I want to pick 'as long as needed' but I know I would get attached. :
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