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Sid and Lily are average to slim and we don't have that problem of them swimming in clothing. *shrug* Maybe it depends on the brand?
Quote: Originally Posted by redpajama Well. That's...boring. I was sure someone was bugging our front porch so they could park their van on the street a few doors down and listen to every word I had to say. BORING : um...maybe I just amuse easily
Quote: Originally Posted by wemoon I just don't get or like the "I need a man" mentality. I think it continues to set up the patriarchal society we live in and gives men much more power and credit than they truely deserve. Women are VERY capable human beings! It's nothing to do with "needing a man". Most notably because the stories all end with how the mamas fixed the problems themselves. It's more to do with wishing a man was there. And it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lula's Mom I just went and looked up 'handfasting', since I had not heard of it before. That is a neat ritual. The description included this: The marriage vows taken may be for "a year and a day", a lifetime, "for all of eternity" or "for as long as love shall last". We had a 'traditional' marriage and used the latter vows. Just as well as we're now divorced...the love didn't last forever. I don't mean to...
One word : uniboob
Oh good idea! I was so not looking forward to making a big dinner tonight. I'm going to get delicious souvlaki and hummus delivery.
I've been drinking ionized water for several years now. The two biggest reasons are 1) I love the taste 2) I don't want myself or my kids getting all the medication in tap water - I don't need someone else's prescription!
How about Chinese take out containers from Michaels?
Oh fun, can I play? Dear Homeland Security Dorks, My ex husband sending child support to me twice a month is not a threat to national security. Delaying all payments by nearly a month is getting ridiculous. I really hope the 4lbs of paperwork my ex filled out today will placate you and the payments will no longer be delayed. I can assure you I'm not sitting here in Canada baking or cooking anything particularly terror filled. Despite my children's complaints...
I know mamas, the house really was fabulous. But now I'm back in my country, with my family, happily divorced. I miss the house but it was so worth it.
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